Core Values & Strategies



Paul K

Our vision to develop and transform Gbarpolu County is reflected through justice, accountability and transparency, but inextricably tied to the following core values:




Our Strategies

When elected Senator to represent Gbarpolu County at the Legislature, the three core functions and correlated functions delegated to this office by the Liberian Constitution, to ensure active engagement and full participation of the citizens include:

01. Lawmaking

Contributing to the enhancement and passing of laws that will promote and protect the welfare of all Liberians.

02. Representation

conducting frequent consultations and engaging constituents and relevant stakeholders, my office will Contribute to development of laws, which protects and ensures that the interest of the constituents, especially Gbarpolu Citizens are adequately represented at the national government level.

03. Oversight

Constantly monitoring, reviewing and analyzing national issues to ensure laws that would enhance and facilitate and promote development in Liberia, are properly enforced and administered by the executive branch of government and its relevant agents/agencies as intended by the law.

04. Service to Constituents

Ensuring that the constituents have equal protection and services under the laws, by reviewing complaints and interceding with regulatory agencies on behalf of the constituents.

05. Public Awareness and Education

Providing frequent information, education and awareness regarding developmental, and policy issues to the constituents and how such issues may affect and or benefit them.

06. Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Holding discussions, applying interventions for resolving major issues (ethnic, religious, economic, ideological) and competing policy differences that incite disagreement, dissatisfaction and disunity among constituents by passing generous and unbiased laws that would accommodate as many interested parties as possible.