Why I’m running

Ensuring the balance of power, promotion of social and economic justice and equitable distribution of the Country’s resources.

This is Why I am Running!

The complexity of Gbarpolu’s challenges, including the gradual disintegration of its already debilitated systems, which have been linked to corruption, poor management and leadership and gross neglect from the National Government; is the primary reason why I have decided that I will be contesting the 2020 Midterm Senatorial Election, as a candidate. I am running for Senate in 2020, because the position will empower me with the necessary political willpower and decision making authority required to make a greater impact that will improve the livelihood and wellbeing of the Liberian People.

Over the past two decades, I have personally contributed to pivotal issues, both at the county and the national level. My engagement and interventions in areas of expertise and pro bono consultant services; ranging from health policy development, advocacy and strategic implementation; health system strengthening, with the Ministry of Health; educational support, capacity building and talent management for rural youths; agriculture development and economic empowerment, to infrastructure development of public and community facilities. Regardless of countless personal financial resources, time and level of human efforts expended, only minimum impact of my intervention have been felt by a small cross section of people.

Most of Gbarpolu citizens still live through long hours of hunger, eating less than or one meal a day, persistent deprivation of basic life amenities like safe and clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities and electricity; access to affordable and accessible healthcare services and quality education that will provide them the opportunities for living and sustaining better quality of live. Reducing the mass burden of human suffering and poverty on citizens of Gbarpolu County will require the intervention of conscious, realistic, innovative, sincere and productive leadership. One that will ensure the balance of power, promotion of social and economic justice and equitable distribution of the Country’s resources. This is a huge task that would require great deal of integrity, experience and strong values to accomplish the task ahead. This is while I am running! I believe I have the required skillset and integrity to build a team of productive young men and women who will lead the transformation of Gbarpolu and Liberia as a whole.